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P45 Pro Prix

A vendre🗄 Téléphones🏠 Maroc

Prix :700 DH

SmartBerry P45 Pro 6.5 pouces HD+


- 6.6inch Full Display
The P45 pro delivers the viewingexperience you always wanted, With a massive 93%screen-to-body ratio on a 6.6"inch screen

- 16MP Front CameraClear and Stylish Selfies
The P45 pro world-leading 16MP front camera turns your every selfie into a work of art Experience greater brightness, color vibrancy, clarity and dynamic range.even in the dimmest light, Whenever you need it. your P45 pro is right there with you, capturing every moment with crystal-clear precision, Turn your selfies into masterpieces and shine in every photo

- Rear HD camera
The P45 pro features a 32MP camera combination. The main camera sportsa large f/1.8 aperture and 1.28um pixels, This strong combination boosts photosensitibityin backlight or low light, Just point and shoot, and P45 pro will makesure your pictures remain clear and bright

- Face Access
The P45 pro also supports facial recognitionUpon activation, P45 pro scans your facial features and unlocks instaneouslyAccessing your phone has never been so easy, or so fun

⏳ 13/11/2020 - 21:00

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